Yoga for multiple sclerosis

A weekly yoga class is held at the Centre on Monday afternoons, for people of all abilities. Classes usually have up to eight people.

Yoga is one of the most popular therapies for MS, and thousands can testify to how much it helps. Yoga calms the mind and energises the body. Yoga helps you breathe correctly, increases energy, counteracts fatigue, and lifts mood and depression. It has a good effect on the endocrine glands, the circulatory and respiratory systems, and improves well-being. Yoga also helps the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Book a spot at a yoga class and:

  • Learn to balance and realign muscular patterns and movement habits while cultivating awareness of the inherent healing process within.
  • Help alleviate the symptoms of disease and the side effects of medications.
  • Learn coping skills and stress reduction techniques you can take with you.

How to Book a Yoga Session

Get in touch with us at the Centre to find out availability for the yoga classes.

See our weekly MS therapies schedule for details of when the various sessions run.