Chiropody for people with multiple sclerosis

Our chiropodist, David J. Bates, visits the Centre every 6 weeks on a Wednesday morning. To find out when he is next due to visit, please call us on 020 8423 6268 or email the Centre.

A session will consist of appropriate treatment including, if necessary, professional advice about foot care and wear.

Many people neglect, or have difficulty with giving proper care to, their lower extremities. The feet absorb much of your weight during daily activity, even if you are sitting for most of the day, and are often subjected to stress and tension. If you fail to look after your feet, then there is a greater chance that you will develop disorders that may hamper your ability to move properly.

Regular chiropody is part of the package in keeping your feet in a good and healthy condition.

How to Book a Chiropody Session

Get in touch with us at the Centre to find out when the next chiropody session is taking place.

See our weekly MS therapies schedule for details of when the various sessions run.