Event: Race Night 2013

Horse and jockey speeding along the racecourse

“Horse racing event” photo by Tsutomu Takasu, tpower1978 on Flickr.

Join us for an evening at the races at The Pinner Arms on Whittington Way in Pinner — all the fun without any of the weather!

Eight races means eight opportunities to win a percentage of the stakes … plus a bonus ninth race for a chance to win a cash prize of up to £300!

The event is being held in a private function room, so you are welcome to bring the youngsters.

How It Works

There are two ways to join the fun.

  1. On the night itself, you can place bets on each of the eight races.
    • Minimum stake is £1.
    • There are eight horses in each race, and eight races, making a total of 64 competing horses.
    • The more horses you bet on, the greater chance you have of winning!
    • One winning horse per race: whichever horse wins, whoever bet on that horse gets 40% of the total amount bet on that race.
      • If more than one person has bet on the same winning horse, the 40% is divided equally amongst the winners according to the size of each winner’s stake. The higher your stake, the more you win!
  2. Win up to £300 by “buying” one (or more!) of the 64 competing horses for £10 each.

    • In the two weeks leading up to the event (that is, from April 5th), including on the event night itself, you can pay £10 to become the sole “owner” of a horse.
    • At the end of the night, a special ninth race will be held between the winning horses of the previous eight races.
    • If you are the owner of the winning horse of this race, you could win up to £300! (Total prize money is 50% of total raised from the sales of the 64 available horses, up to a maximum of £300.)
    • If you are unable to come along on the night, you can still participate by buying one or more horses. We’ll contact you if you are the winner of the ninth race.
    • To buy horses, contact the Centre from April 5th, or buy on the night.

All proceeds will go to the Centre (The Pinner Arms is very generously not charging us for the use of their function room), so come along and try your luck. The more you try, the more we raise!

As always, more information is available from Lynn or Helen at the Centre, from whom you will also be able to buy the horses.

Venue and Directions

  • The Pinner Arms on Whittington Way in Pinner
  • Food and drink available from the pub
  • The event is taking place in a private function room, so you are welcome to bring along the youngsters.