Event: Planet Zooathon gaming fundraiser


The granddaughter of a long-standing member is planning a unique fundraiser for the Centre.

Cat and her friend Joey are planning to do a 24-hour marathon of the online game ‘Planet Zoo’.

If you’d like to know more about the game, watch the trailer below.

(Can’t see our video here? Watch it on YouTube.)

The core of the game is it’s a place to design and run your own virtual zoo. Cat and Joey think this could be a great way to raise money from home for the Centre.

Building a zoo could also give players the opportunity to raise awareness of some of the difficulties faced by people with MS, with factors such as fatigue, wheelchair access and poorer eyesight all being accounted for in the zoo’s design.

Cat and Joey would appreciate some more information on the kinds of provisions people with MS  find useful in the real world, so they can be incorporated in the Zoo.

They are also hoping to involve the Centre users more directly in the fundraiser itself.

For example, they would love to know some of the Centre users’ favourite animals and place some of these animals in the zoo — and even name a few animals after them.

As well as giving members something to look out for in the final project, and maybe see some of their favourite animals, it would show others that everyone with MS is different.

The marathon will be streamed online, and after the event a virtual tour of each of the zoos will be posted online and shared with us so that we can then share it with members.

The link to the JustGiving page is:


Updates will be posted to the page as it gets nearer to the time, to show some ideas for the zoo.

If you’d like to participate, either by creating your own zoo or just giving Cat and Joey ideas of what to include in theirs, contact Lynn or Sam through the usual channels.

And please tell your friends and family, who are also welcome to contribute in whatever way they like!

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