Our website has been designed with accessibility features in mind.

Every page is structured with appropriate, hierarchical headings, to allow the reader to quickly skim-read to relevant sections of the page. Additionally, these headings can be read by screen-readers used by people with visual disabilities, to give an overview of the page contents.

Longer pages are given a table of contents to provide a further way to navigate the text. Links within body text are clearly marked with blue, underlined text.

Additional accessibility features are described below.

Text size

Text may be resized to a comfortable reading-size using your browser’s built-in text-size function.

For detailed instructions on how to resize text, please consult your browser’s help menu, or see the BBC’s accessibility guides.

Jump/skip to certain sections on the page

Screengrab of Harrow MS Therapy Centre showing activated jump link

Here the “Jump to Content” jump link is active; following this jump link would skip directly to the main content section of the page.

Jump links (sometimes called skip links) are built into every page, to allow keyboard-navigation to main areas of the page — generally these are the main content area, the sidebar, and the main navigation menu.

  • Upon entering a page, use the Tab key to display the first available jump link, then cycle through each jump link with repeated uses of the Tab key.
  • Use Enter or Return to follow an active jump link; the browser will skip to the corresponding section of the page, after which the keyboard can be used to cycle through the links within that section.
  • After the final jump link is displayed, the browser will proceed to cycle through the links on the page in sequence. These links may also be followed using the Enter or Return key.
Screengrab of our 'About Us' page, with the link to our page on oxygen therapy focused, which hence has a dark blue background to provide contrast

Here the link to our page on oxygen therapy has been focused through keyboard navigation.

Focused links reached through keyboard navigation are given a high-contrast background colour to help the user see which link he/she has jumped to.

Note: here Tab and Enter/Return have been given as the keys to use — this is standard on almost all browsers, but your browser may be the exception to the rule. Please consult your browser’s help files if these keys do not function as described.