Trustees & staff


  • Jeremy Ridout (Chair)
  • Vacant (Treasurer)
  • Hetal Shah (Secretary)
  • Ellie Brightman (trustee)
  • Tony Flanigan (trustee)
  • Fotoula Karamouzos (trustee)
  • Farid Kazi (trustee)
  • Jane Perry (trustee)
  • Amit Pindoria (trustee)

Find out more about their backgrounds and interests in our ‘meet the trustees‘ page.

Co-Chair of Trustees Jeremy Ridout discusses lunch with O2T operator Paulette SpicerStaff

  • Lynn Hurst (Centre Manager)
  • Samantha Martyn (Deputy Centre Manager)
    • Paulette Spicer (O2T Operator)
    • Katy Warwick (O2T Operator)
  • Apeksha Patel (Head of Physiotherapy Services)
    • Liza Yehuda (Senior Physiotherapist)
    • Cathy Blake (Physiotherapist)
    • Alessandra Evans (Physiotherapist)
    • Wendy Lee (Bank Physiotherapist)
    • Linda Hunt (Bank Physiotherapist)
    • Natasha Connellan (Physiotherapy Assistant)
    • Irina Florea (Physiotherapy Assistant)
    • Pratima Panchasra (Physiotherapy Assistant)
    • Yvonne Ruben (Physiotherapy Assistant)
    • Rebeca Trippe (Physiotherapy Assistant)
    • Gill Atkinson (Bank Physiotherapy Assistant)

Visiting practitioners

  • David Bates chiropodist
  • Gill Cohen massage and reflexology therapist
  • Michelle Khanna yoga teacher