About Harrow MS Therapy Centre

Since 1984, Harrow MS Therapy Centre has helped people in the north west London area with multiple sclerosis to improve their quality of life.

A registered charity, we offer physiotherapy, oxygen treatment, and other therapies such as chiropody, yoga, reflexology, and massage. We also provide support, information and advice, to help people understand and live with MS and its symptoms.

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A social centre

The Harrow MS Therapy Centre building exterior, on a beautifully sunny, blue sky dayFor many people the Centre is one of the only places for social contact during the week. Our members enjoy coming here, and many ways of coping with MS are talked about over tea and biscuits.

This friendly, social side of the Centre is very important to our members.

“At first when I was diagnosed, I thought I was the only person in the world with MS. It felt like that. Coming here, you meet other people who have the same illness. It makes you realise that you’re not alone, you’re in it together.” — Jerry, member and Chair of Trustees

Direct experience and knowledge of MS

In addition to the therapies, we provide:

  • direct experience and knowledge of MS
  • day-to-day help and advice to those who are newly diagnosed, and also where MS is a long-term, continuing problem
  • access to up-to-date information about research into the causes and treatment of MS.

We help members, their families and carers with a wide range of issues.

Funded by our members and supporters

We are a self-funded, self-supporting, registered charity. We do not receive any statutory grants, which means that all our income comes from our members and supporters.

We ask our members for donations to help with the cost of running the Centre, but we always give treatment to those who need it, even if they cannot always make donations.

Our running costs, which were £220,000 in 2012, are topped-up by the fundraising events organised by the members, their friends and families. Unfortunately, even these are often not enough, and we rely a lot on the goodwill of other people and grant-giving organisations.

“[Harrow MS Therapy Centre] is essential. I feel that without it I would be substantially worse off now. To me, it’s a lifeline.” — Mike, member

More information

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