Au revoir, Miriam!

Miriam Franks has decided to retire from her post as Deputy Manager.

Miriam started with us in October 2013.

“I love working at the Centre and my time here has been the happiest of my working life. But now I’m 65 years I want to have more time at home.

“I will still want to be involved with the Centre and work as an occasional oxygen operator.”

Centre deputy manager and a volunteer operator start an oxygen session

Miriam oversees one of our volunteer operators

Miriam will step down from her role during September, but will continue to run Saturday oxygen sessions plus help other days as needed.

She will be much missed by members and staff alike, with her keen eye for detail and background knowledge and experience in management and healthcare — but most of all for her caring and kind nature.

Sam Martyn has been appointed as Miriam’s successor. Sam is currently shadowing Miriam and learning the job role, including the intricacies of the oxygen scheduling.

Sam will be working full time and we warmly welcome her to our team.