Overcoming MS

On 9 December one of our members, Faith Holland, gave an interesting talk to over 25 other members.

Faith HollandInspired by Professor George Jelinek’s book about his personal battle with MS, in July 2013 Faith spent five days at a retreat in Somerset.

There she learned about mindfulness and integrated medicine as well as the importance of meditation, diet and exercise.

Since then Faith is more in control of her condition. “I felt I had got my life back,” she said. “Hope came into my life.”

If you would like to contact Faith she can be reached through the Centre.

Other websites which may be of interest are

  • www.vitamindtest.org.uk (also on 0121 507 4278 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday)
  • www.overcomingms.org
  • www.theconnection.tv