Meet our newest Trustee — Roger Lockwood

Roger LockwoodWe’re very pleased to announce that our Board of Trustees has a new member, Roger Lockwood.


“When I left school with a few GCEs under my belt I was directed into the insurance world in the City. I knew full well it would not last and sure enough just three years later I moved permanently to the retail trade where I had been supplementing my £9 wage by working evenings and weekends.

“That was it — smitten, I spent the next 35 years in all sections of retail trade, 32 of those running my own company. Sadly it all came to an abrupt end when I was diagnosed with MS.

“For the next 10 years I tried to accept the condition as it quickly moved to secondary progressive MS.

“Luckily I found Harrow MS Therapy Centre. They offered all that was necessary for me to live as good a life as possible and to top it off all the staff are dedicated.

“Now it is give back time and I am pleased to bring my particular expertise and join the already dynamic team of Trustees, to move the Centre forward in the fashion it needs.”