MS in Your Words

As well as organising a successful fundraising tea party in aid of Harrow MS Therapy Centre, young carer Emily Nagioff also produced a short video as part of MS Awareness Week, “highlighting the lack of awareness regarding multiple sclerosis”.

[dph_yt id=”IwZxmWguzSc” height=”338″ width=”600″](Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.)[/dph_yt]

On a related theme, the MS Trust has recently been asking people to explain MS in a nutshell. Here are some of the responses that have been suggested so far:

  • Karen Burnside: “I tell my kids that if your brain sends messages on an underground train, then mine keeps going to closed stations & has to find a new way to go.”
  • Hilary Farrer: “Where the ‘wires’ that connect brain to muscles lose their insulating coating so the message leaks out & doesn’t reach target.”
  • Babs Bufton: “The mind is willing but body is in disagreement!”
  • Stumbling In Flats: “Life, Interrupted.”
  • tarj01: “Like a needle on a record that keeps jumping cos the record is scratched, distorted music.”
  • Vicki Pagett: “Like a giant hug, from an angry bear who doesn’t like you, and just won’t give in!”

One Response

  1. Jerry says:

    A very moving video, brought a tear to my eye.